Alpha Legion Encounter A Daemon, A Lot Of Daemons

The warp-spawned gauntlet of damnation was thrown down on the gaming table last weekend  when I was challenged to a 1500 point game of 40k (“You got one week to prepare buddy!”). Without a sense ofhesitation (and perhaps the kicking in of the Champion of Chaos rule) I accepted the challenge. My Chaos Space Marines vs Chaos Daemons, The new edition codex. It also turned out to be the local gaming club first clash of 6th edition codex armies, in turn making this game just a little bit more exciting.

This is really how I envisage the dice every time I go to pick them up.

The all powerful and malevolent dice gods declared that The Scouring mission would be played over a Vanguard Strike deployment map. With the battlefield ready to go we moved onto the always exciting but usually disappointing warlord trait roll. Surprisingly I got something useful and my Warlord rose to become an Exalted Champion, Lowering his chance of turning into a spawn or becoming a Naked daemon price. However at this point the luck was being passed around and the Daemon’s Champion would turn into the living entity known as death and thus rolled the Death Incarnate trait. So much for those multi-wounds on my characters

I then had to sit through about 20 rolls of the dice as the daemon player went and generated his long list of game time padding gifts which were bestowed among his effectively 4 HQ choices (that 4 for the price of 1 daemon HQ trick is pretty nice). I can’t even begin to remember what was rolled up, after the 10th dice roll I just gave up and decided that I’ll just discover these surprises as the game progressed.

We both deployed our forces, With the warp-spawned, chaos ridden daemons choosing to fully deploy in a frontal assault formation. Seizing this opportunely and using the LOS blocking powers of the giant building/ruins in the centre of the board I deployed entirely on the side of his left flank, Cutting off half of his army to me. With my cunning plan in place and all my models ready to deliver the daemons back to their masters broken and bloodied.

A poorly remembered, Image searched Battlefield and army deployment. I’m sure there were more units on the board then this, oops left out the blood crushers.

The game proceeded with me seizing first turn (always a great start) starting with capturing 2 of the objectives (both granting my units skyfire while they remain in control, lets see that daemon prince fly over to me now bro). Everything else just moved to gain a better position and foothold into no man’s land (the point between both deployment zones). The rest of the game just saw me sit on my objectives and shoot the daemons off the board. I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of the game but here are the memorable moments.

Memorable moments:

  • The lone pink horror which managed to wipe out a unit of Chaos marines even after death (soul Blaze killed the remaining members 2 turns later). “I’m on 3 objectives, oh wait soul blaze… god-dammit”.
  • The Daemon prince dying to over-watch fire from the Assault Cannon Obliterators. “You could say he was… Obliterated”.
  • 7 Chaos Space Marine Terminators surrounding the The Portal-glyph warp-gate, preventing any new daemons from spawning through it.
  • Negating two Physic Daemon powers in the same turn. “Who’s the master of the warp now, Bitch.”
  • The most graceful flying Daemon prince of Nurgle ever, all grounding tests passed. “Evolving wings was the greatest thing ever… Hope Farther Nurgle didn’t hear that”

The end of the game saw a victory over the daemons, With the Chaos Marines wiping the board of the Daemon threat. The game was enjoyable but very long and drawn out (simply learning the new stat lines and rule locations… Brotherhood of sorcery for example, Main Rule Book not daemon codex >_< ). The daemon threat still remains to be incompletely tested, my experience of my Marine codex won me the match. With a bit more experience the Daemons will likely become a force to be reckoned with.

The Alpha Legion prove their worth to the Chaos Gods and Remain in their favor.



  • Alarum

    I am looking forward to seeing how some of the new Daemons stuff works. I had a game the other day against them (he didn’t have new units) and just shot everything off the table before it hit my lines.

    • Disconcur

      I’m also looking forward to future games against the daemons. I feel once the local daemon players get a feel for their codex I will have a much harder time shooting them down. In fact I am having another game this weekend against the daemons (different player). I’m going to write that up as a far more detailed post with photos.