Ghostwolf To Frostwolves

There have been some huge changes for my little Elemental Shaman. No longer do I sport the well fitting Turtle of doom tabard, I am now a pack member of the Frostwolves. Not only have my threads changed in colour and pattern, but now my earthly powers are more of a blessed nature. I am now a Holy Paladin of the Blood Elves! However there is still more, I have also switched servers! 3 big changes all at once, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I am a little scared for what the future might hold for me.

The decision to leave my old guild was a hard one to make, leaving everyone I knew and everything I know to transfer to a new server and guild. It was an even harder decision since my old guild is run by my loving wife (Nerisanda, The adorable Resto Druid). However Neri understood why I was leaving and even helped me discover my new guild. She introduced me to her friend Navimie, another Resto Druid (Turns out all Druids know each other).

 Interested in what Nerisanda thought about my change? Nerisanda’s Blog MamaNeedsMana

I wasn’t intending to be a Holy Paladin at all, at the time I was still interested in trying to be a damage dealer and so I rolled a baby Orc Monk to level in the Frostwolves. This was actually the result of talking to Navimie, who thought I had a level 90 Monk and was server transferring with that character. After resolving that issue she asked me what toon I would be playing / what I would bring to raid with? At the time there wasn’t any spots available for DPS classes on the Frostwolves raiding list so with that in mind and no focus to rush to level cap I decided I would level a monk on their server.

The next step is a bit of a jump, as events unfolded I found myself in a situation where the Frostwolves were looking for another healer for the ranks of the their raiding team. While a Monk could fill this position I was still quite far off from level cap. I had a level 87 Paladin that I had been leveling here and there but had no real plans or intentions for it. After careful consideration I offered my Paladin as a potential character to fill that healer slot in their list.

They were excited with the prospect (Well my interpretation of events they were anyway) of a Holy Paladin joining the ranks. That said, Soultouched hit 90 several days later and has been frantically searching high and low for gear. It has been roughly 2 weeks since joining the Frostwolves and I now have a healthy i-level of 478. OK so not the best i-level but a start, I am at least at the point where I’m only a little carry through raids. Frostwolves have been great helping me to gear and even Concur (My old guild) have helped me out via cross server raiding. For the moment I feel like my decision was the right choice, what ever lies for me in the future will be interesting none the less.


Concur of Blackrock help out their old friend


Thank you Concur for making me the player I am today and Thank you Frostwolves for accepting to grow me even further.

Ok that is enough touchy feeling stuff for this week.

  • Very touchy feely indeed 😀 Welcome to the pack Disco.

    • He is getting very soft in his old age 😛