Model Spot: My Home Made Plague Marine

I have started building myself some Plague Marines to use in my Alpha Legion Chaos Army. They are a fairly solid support chose made even better if you equip your Chaos Lord with the Mark of Nurgle making them a troop / Scoring unit. A unit of Plague Marines on an objective isn’t easily removed.

 The model is fairly simple with most parts coming from the Chaos Marine Sprue Kit (Legs, Arms, Weapons, head and even the Nurgle Shoulder Pad). To start developing the model down the Nurgle route I used a backpack and Chest piece from the Possessed sprue. I felt the backpack added a bit more height to the model while the chest piece kind of gave it that sickly look of exposed lungs and bones. After that it was then green stuff around the stomach, arms and legs to add a bit of bulk to the model and then finally going around punching some minor holes around the amour to make it appear to be “unkempt” and breaking down.


To help fit the the Model into my Chaos Army I have used an Alpha Legion Shoulder pad. I think the model has turned out perry good, even if I do say so myself. I can only agree that Nurgle himself also approves of this model as it seems he blessed me with one of his gifts and I had to have an emergency appendicitis removal this week.

 So would you let me field this as a Plague Marine Model? I’m building 6 more so I hope so!


  • Alarum

    I wouldn’t have a problem with those Nurgle marines. I would like to see the color scheme you come up with for them. Do you intend to blend the Alpha Legion colours into the Nurgle ones?

    • Disconcur

      Definitely planning to blend it with the Alpha Legion scheme. I want my guys to appear to be Alpha legion first, Their chosen mark second. Fingers cross it works out though xD.