Climbing the Bronze Ladder

Last time we left me on my little adventure I was happily holding onto a spot within the top 25 players in my Bronze division. This week I am glad to say that I have managed to increase that standing and am now sitting in the top 8, as well as bring my win:loss ratio into the positive (If only by 3-4 wins).

My post from last week due the attention of Platinum leaguer, Gameofdrones, who was kind enough to have a couple of games with me and assisted me with some of the basic skills of the game, such as scouting and what the building might indicate. The next few ranked games I had on the ladder were great and I easily defeated my opponents (Scouting rocks!).

However in the end I was still rather lucky that the week ended the way it did as I had a rather disappointing run of games where I was totally out-played by my opponents. To make matters worse, this losing streak came against my best match up, TvT.  The huge upside to all my losing was I did get to witness a lot of well executed drop plays from other Terran players, and after spending a bit of time watching the replays I have now incorporated that tactic into my own arsenal.

This weeks highlights

  • Beat a Bronze league who placed in Gold once (little steps people, little steps).
  • Learnt to top drop like a pro (Pro Bronzer anyway).
  • Somehow managed to worm my way into the top 8 for the division.

The Lessons learned

  • Scouting only works if you can work out what your opponents build order is going to be.
  • TvP – Keep a scan or two on stand by in case you need it to detect dark Templars.
  • Need to work on spreading /splitting my units during engagements.

That is how my week went, how about you? How are you facing it up in the SC2 Ladder? I would love to find out what your lessons or highlights are.