Still Climbing the Bronze Ladder

I was hoping I would be able to write an extremely cool post about moving up the ladder and leaving the Bronze league for Silver but it never quite happened (So much for my cinematic posts of awesomeness each week). I even felt I might have had a chance because I actuality got to face off against a few actual silver leaguers. These matches however quickly demonstrated to me the difference between the both leagues and I was destroyed.

It didn’t help that the Silver players I was pitted against happened to be Zerg, which just so happens to be my worst match up now. They harassed me with drones while I tried to build structures, they would run Zerglings in to ruin my bunker operations, they would hit me with Roaches, switch to Banelings and then kill me with Mutalisks.

I fell as quickly as I rose and was bumped back down to my own kind of Bronzers for the rest of the week. It was a little defeating and sad as I had hoped I might be able to win a game or two and finally get to advance to the next league. Unlucky for me then, guess I’ll be writing my rise to silver post next week! (Fingers crossed…)

I feel my ability to scout has improved (Most likely due to more experience). Last week I did heaps of scouting but didn’t quite understand what the opponent was doing or capable of doing. Now of course this is extremely important, but I am finding out first hand exactly why. I mentioned that TvZ has become my worst match up, however I found that as this week of gaming came to an end I have started being able to stand on my own two feet against Zerg opponents (Assuming they’re not the Silver League players that decimated me, that is). These wins have always been a result of continuously scouting their base and discovering their devious plans to destroy me.

My other big skill increase this week is my APM (Actions per minute). I normally sit at about 60-64 APM, but this week has seen a couple of games where it has shot higher to 94-97. Not all my games mind you, just some of them, but I have noticed that my higher APM games are the ones I have been winning easily. While not always true, the bigger army normally wins and a bigger APM means I was attempting to at least build more.

Sitting in 3rd place for the division is a nice end to this week’s league play. I still have a long way to go, but my current standing on the ladder at least gives me confidence that I am improving, regardless of how slow that improvement is coming along!


This Weeks Highlights

  • Had a rating high enough I got put against a bunch of silver leaguers.

Biggest Lesson Learnt

  • Banelings do 80 damage to buildings, so I need to use bigger walls (As in barracks and engineering bays).

Have you ever broken into a new league only to discover the new skill level is way higher than your own? I didn’t quite make it so  share your experiences in the comments below.

  • Fivepath

    If you need help vs Silver Zerg Just hit me up. IM am still stuck forever silver with zerg and am always keep to help other people train.. Pretty sure i have you on both US and SEA – Fivepath

    • Disconcur

      Hey Fivepath, thanks I will have to take you up on that. Most of my games are on the SEA region so next time I see you on I will hit you up.