KABOOM, Baby! Mid Week Silver League Ascension

HA! So my catch up this week in SC2 has been overly awesome! After losing all of last week due to the patch and then the Australia Day long weekend (I was out partying instead of laddering) I thought It would be another boring week of sucking. However, lo and behold, it has turned into a mid-week explosion of excitement! I have shifted into the Silver League… and omg Protoss are even worst to play against now.

My awesome SCV and Drone picture from last weeks’ post might have been better held off for this one… Maybe a Viper about to be hit by missiles will suffice.


  • You scared the crap out of me when it happened! I had no idea what was going on xD

    • Disconcur

      =P but I very excited at the time. It was nice to be rewarded for my efforts.

      • Indeed! Hopefully it doesn’t take you as long to break into the next league 😉

  • Fivepath

    Congrats. Welcome to the league. <.< dam now i will have to get to gold to still be better than you <.<. ~ Loads Starcraft 2 ~

    • Disconcur

      The silver frame is so nice, way better that the rusty bronze one xD. I’m hoping to hit gold by the end of the season so you have 2 months to hit it before I do.