First Week of Silver Frame

This week has been great for me on the ladder with rising to silver and all. Now while it is only a short step in essence to me I feel like I have at least been acknowledged as knowing something about the game enough to get a pretty border anyway.

My climbing to the next league was met with a little bit of self doubt as I had incurred a good handful of bonus points from the previous week (The release of the patch of doom, SEA region lock out week).These points gave me a little bit of a buffer zone for a few Bronze vs Silver matches I came up against, keeping me from losing any ladder points. I don’t know really know if this means anything but currently I rate myself in reference to my league frame colour and ladder points, so I feel it does.

However I am managing to win matches at the Silver league level making the league change feel less like “I got lucky” move. (ha take that Mr Bronze Leaguer who said my APM was so low that I would be bronze forever… serious someone did say this to me once after a match.)

This has me ending the week standing at a lovely 22 position for my new Division, Hive Foxtrot. My dream of reaching the Gold League before the end of this season might become a reality! It took me just over a month to hit silver so maybe in another 30 days I’ll be Gold!! Oh wouldn’t that be awesome !?!

Some Journey Information Updated:

Anyone move up their regions ladder this week? Also don’t forget to jump into the Gravity Gaming Online Community chat in StarCraft 2.


  • Ash

    Good job on reaching silver!

    SEA lately has been plagued by smurf accounts, and the never ending wave of ex-gold+ league players suffering from MMR Decay – Basically promotion very hard as of late on SEA for people in the correct league.
    Awesome awesome job man 😀 Will watch some replays when I have some time 🙂