Four MMO’s I Wish I Had More Time To Play

In between trying to balance my time between work, family, my new found love of sport, as well as games like WildStar and World of Warcraft, I’ve found that there are titles out there that I would love to play, but ultimately have been dropped from my actively playing list. Here are the top four MMO’s I almost play, but don’t have the time for: 

Number 4: EVE Online

EVE Online is a MMO that I have always had mixed feelings about. I really love the sci-fi  setting it has created: I love being able to fly and command a starship of my choosing and then making a name for myself in the game with only basic drivers in place for direction.

However, it’s that same sandbox element combined with EVE‘s time intensive leveling mechanic that has me putting this game on the bottom of the “almost made it” list. When I did play, I felt like I was waiting a lot for in-games to research as opposed to actively perusing them in the game. It is a massive time sink, and that’s something I can’t work into my life right now.


Number 3: TERA

TERA is one of those games I really enjoyed at the time. I liked the races and classes you could choose and thought the game world Guild politics was an amazing mechanic, with real potential to lead into some exciting, player generated fun.

However it was one of the first games to introduce us to active combat, and since then a lot of other MMO’s have implemented the system better. At the end of the day, I get much more enjoyment out of WildStar‘s combat system than I do TERA‘s outdated, clunky style and so I would prefer to dedicate my time to the game I enjoy more.

TERA city

Number 2: Marvel Heroes Online

Coming in at number two on my list is Marvel Heroes Online: the hack and slash adventure game filled with killing and looting mobs with the sole purpose of just becoming “bigger” then before. It’s a bit of mindless fun where I get pretend to be one of my favourite super heroes. It is a nice free to play MMO which is very easy to switch back to. On paper, it looks too good to be true.

However the game is fairly repetitive and at times can feel a bit grindy. When compared to Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls — which looks better and offers me a much richer social experience thanks to — Marvel Heroes Online isn’t quite giving me the gaming experience I’m after.


Number 1: The Secret World

The Secret World is the game which holds my number one spot for wishing I had more time. SO much in fact I actually still have it installed and ready to go should I find myself with the time to fire it up.

I have always loved supernatural story-lines filled with secret societies and creatures bent on world domination or destruction (HP Lovecraft / Scary stories stuff). I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am a fan of horror, but a little bit of fear or apprehension is always welcome.

The game mechanics are a bit sluggish at times, but it is forgivable enough to still be fun. The biggest draw for me is the difficulty of the quests and missions. They require some thought to finish them, even to the point you need to do some research into symbols and phrases to learn what they mean and find clues to the next spot of area of the story. Sure, a Google search could also just give you the quest answer,  but it feels so much more rewarding when you show self-control and complete the mission the ‘proper’ way.

the secret world

All this talk of The Secret World makes me want to fire it up right now.  Don’t be surprised if you see me streaming this again in the near future!

What games do you wish you had more time to play?


  • For me it’s a toss up between TERA and RIFT. TERA is a beautiful game, but as a melee I cannot -stand- how I get locked into place when I’m doing a big move, and while I love hunting for artifacts in RIFT, I enjoy WoW more.

    • That is the big turning point from TERA for me, It was one of the first so it you gotta give it some respect but most games out there now with the active combat just do it so much better. I never quite got into RIFT, it just didn’t suit me.

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