Three Reasons Why I Keep Coming Back To WoW

World of Warcraft is one of those games I have been playing since what seems like forever. I have stopped more world disasters then I can count, laid waste to almost all of the end game villans while the content was current and have had to replace my end-game epics with blues and greens on more than one occasion. I am there at the start of expansion after expansion, eager to see what the next chapter of WoW has to offer. So what is it about World of Warcraft that has me continually returning, even after almost a decade of playing?

It all starts with friends

I have developed some really strong bonds with the people I have met in World of Warcraft, some of who I know in real life, as well people who I have only ever interacted with online. Being able to play and experience the game with people you like makes it all that much more enjoyable.

There has yet to be another MMO which has developed anything close to the bonds I have in WoW with people. If nothing else, getting a chance to play World of Warcraft with some familiar faces will always bring me back to the game.

wow friends

 I love the world that Blizzard has created

I have to admit I am a bit of a Blizzard fan boy and I do enjoy all the games they make. I have played all of the RTS Warcraft games and have been a part of every World of Warcraft expansion, so I have a lot of the WoW lore and background rooted in my brain. Not only do I find all the stories, setting, races and characters interesting (With the exception of Malfurion Stormrage, God I hate him) I have kind of ‘grown up’ with them and have seen them develop into what they are now.

It is a storyline that I am familar with and I hope to one day see the resolution to it all (Sargeras, I know you will be the end boss one day…)

I am yet to miss out on a Collector's Edition of WoW...

I am yet to miss out on a Collector’s Edition of WoW…

 It offers a play style I can commit to

The play style and enviroment of World of Warcraft has evolved greatly over it time and it has become much more accommodating to those players who are unable to commit large amounts of time to the game. It still has a lot to offer the hardcore players, but it has opened itself up for the more casual, time-poor players who want to be able to experience end-game content as well, if only on a lower level.

This puts the game fairly high up on my list of gaming priorities, escpecially since my increasingly busy life is is already pretty hard to manage without having to factor in 40 hours a week for gaming in one title just to get anywhere. In fact, this is especially important to me now, with the birth of my second child due to happen almost any day now. There goes even more of my time (In a good way)!

Neri could go into labour any time now

Neri could go into labour any time now

There are many more reasons but these are the things which always come to the top of mind when I think about World of Warcraft and why I still choose to play the game. All are deeply based with the time commitment I have already dedicated to the game, and I am sure that all could be found in another MMO, but so far No other MMO has held my attention long enough. I always end up drifting back to WoW.

What is it about the game that keeps you paying the $15 a month to play?