First Impressions of WildStar

During most of the development of WildStar I didn’t really care too much for the game.  After hearing about all the things the developers wanted to bring into the game – things that I had hated in Vanilla WoW — I thought, ‘Nope, I’m definitely going to give this game a miss’. However, WildStar is set in the best setting… SPACE (Well it is Sci-Fi) and reading up about the active combat with projection eventually convinced me to give it a try after all.

WS goat

Picking a Class

There were plenty of classes and races that looked intriguing enough to play, but I have always have a soft spot for the plain old human race in games (I just like pretending it is me), and the Engineer looked like the most entertaining class to play, especially since it is a ranged class that can fill the role of a tank in party groups. I really wanted to see how this would pan out and how the ranged element would work in the role.

I only managed to get into one group before moving houses and losing internet, so I haven’t had a solid chance to try the tanking. What I did experience of it I found it quite enjoyable. My level was a little low for the dungeon, but I found that between my robot pets and my ranged abilities, I could kite-tank the mobs. I’m not sure if that’s how the role is supposed to work, but I did find it fun.

Oh I also choose this Settler Career path thing which gives me quests or something.

WS picking a class

Getting to Nexus

The starting “ship” for the Exiles is kind of boring and not really all that enjoyable to play. It doesn’t help that the NPC you team up with is a real dick for no apparent reason. This NPC, Deadeye, is asking your character for help to save his wife who is carrying his child and at the end of it he says, “I’m glad I didn’t kill ya,” or something like that… WTF?! Way to make me feel like I’ve made a mistake by siding with the jerk faction!

Thankfully, once you’re off the Exile ship the game picks up. In fact, the less you have to do with Deadeye, the more enjoyable the game becomes. I recommend starting in the Mordesh Forest Zone as it keeps you away from Deadeye. You can thank me later.

WS deadeye

Questing and Career Paths

The questing isn’t overly revolutionary, it is still filled with kill x creatures and collect y parts. While I was killing x amount of stuff It didn’t feel like I was just slaying them for experience as the quest did fit the overarching zone story, well for most of them anyway.

While speaking of quests I want to revisit career paths that I mentioned in Picking a Class. There are three career paths to choose from: Settler, Warrior and Scientist. I went with Settler and some of the side missions for that are quite enjoyable and this idea of a career path is really neat and something I think other MMOs should incorporate.

As a Settler I find my extra quests having me do a lot of settlement building, where I see the actual area I am in add a new building that players can use and interact with, not just myself. I find it gives a great sense of accomplishment of following through with the missions. Sure the buildings don’t last forever, but for the 10 minutes I am in town I feel very important.

ws settler building

Graphics and Combat

The game is very visually appealing and I do love the cartoonish art style used. Nothing is cooler than the Elder Root Creature you meet in one of the starting areas for Exiles. This thing is a giant tree with a robotic mouth that talks to you — another reason to avoid that jerk Deadeye and his stupid wild west starting zone.

The Active Combat is the best I have seen and the projection attacks work in quite well (I believe the The Secret World did the same thing, but not on the same scale that WildStar has done it), however I am still a bit sceptical about how about this junk on the floor is going to go down during raiding. Here is hoping it doesn’t cause motion sickness or fits of rage and/or unconsciousness from the light show and frustration of trying to figure out where you’re actually meant to stand (I feel sorry for anyone with Aussie latency trying not to stand in stupid when there is just SO MUCH of it).

All in all WildStar so far has provided me with a really good playing experience. They have made right decisions in so far in the levelling experience, but I can’t see myself looking forward to playing another character through the content again. I also must admit I am very daunted by the end game content as it is a bit of a throwback to the WoW hard core days. While I am enjoying it now, I can’t say for sure if I will still be enjoying it or even playing it once I reach end-game. (Through I am looking forward to streaming it once I get the internet back).

How are you enjoying WildStar?