#Blaugust – 31 Days of August Posting

Writing to schedule is definitely not my strong point, as those who follow me and check back regularly might have guessed. Writing may not be something that I’m very good at, but I definitely have a lot of topics and ideas about games that I’d like to talk about. My current issue boils down to posting just isn’t in my soul yet; I am still developing as a writer and as such I am not confident in it. Only doing the writing is going to fix this but I just need something to push me or get me over the internal hurdles I have created for myself. I think I’ve found just the thing —  the Blaugust Initiative.

My lovely wife, Neri, pointed me in the direction of this initiative. The idea being the Blaugust is that you write a post every day during the month of August — that’s 31 posts over the entire month. There are some incentives like prizes and and being able to advertise your posts to a wider audience, but it is still going to be a killer, I was trying to write 2 posts a week and now I will be writing a new post every day! So I thought about it and only now, just over 2 hours before the challenge starts I have decided to attempt it. It will be hard 31 days but I think It will be an enjoyable challenge and really get me into that writing spirit for future endeavours.

So there you have it, I have announced it to world. Now there is a whole bank of people to hold me accountable to my decision. Bring on August, I am somewhat kind of almost ready….

I really encourage any you guys with a gaming blog to check out the Blaugust Initiative and even take up the Challenge yourself. There is even a catch up category so don’t stress about taking it up late.

  • Good on you for having a crack at it! Though I’m not sure how co-operative baby!disco is going to be with this challenge! 😛

    • Baby Disco (when born) is so going to be a cheap post… I mean an adorable post….

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