Return of the Shaman

I have been doing a lot of game touring as of late as I looked for something to tie me over until the release of Warlords of Draenor. Even then between my tour dates I have been experimenting with other classes in WoW to decide what I was going to play (or boost to 90). I have had a lot of fun during this time and enjoyed everything I tried but none of them felt like the one. No new game or WoW class really captured my attention long enough for me to commit to it.



There is, however, one class that I have spent a lot of time playing, and that was my Shaman; it was my thing in Cataclysm and I truly loved it. Midway through Mists I felt like I wanted a bit of a change and so I left her abandoned on my old server and played a Holy Paladin with the Frostwolves for a bit.

Then a whole bunch of stuff happened IRL and I could no longer play WoW how I used to. Fast forward almost a year and things have started to settle down. I’ve abandoned yet another game *cough*WildStar*cough* and have found myself reminiscing on how much I enjoyed playing my Shaman, so I decided that I would roll a new one and start playing again.

new shaman post

We have a winner!

The weirdest thing is that from the first few moments of my new Dwarf Shaman toon felt so incredibly natural and right. This really took me back a little bit as I had been searching for something different for a while thinking I didn’t want to be a shaman, but in essence it actually was. I still even have some major built up muscle memory and I keep going for old key bindings (Instant cast Ghostwolf on the Z key J ). This has made me really excited to play WoW again since I am back to playing a class I love. The funniest thing about this is that I knew I liked the Shaman all along and would enjoy its play style.

Have you ever gone through a similar feeling with a game or class? Let me know in the comments below.

This post has been written as a part of the Blaugust Initiative. Woohoo! One day down, 30 to go…

  • Priests/Clerics/White Mages, bringers of light. Feels right every time 😛

    • It is nice to know that other people have this “Right fit” mindset as well. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Liore

    Priests! I had like 4 (holy) priests in WoW and part of the reason I love healing on my Esper so much is that it plays very, very similar to a priest. 🙂

    • That must be a reoccurring theme with people who like priests. Most of them I know have a few kicking around (my grand total of shamans is only heading into 2 just now). I was thinking if I tried WildStar again I would try the Esper. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment.

  • Priest here (see avatar). I remember leveling as Holy in vanilla. Even then everyone thought I was a crazy fool. But it was quite fun. I almost always had partners to run quests with so it was enjoyable.

    • I find levelling / questing was always better with other people. Made the whole experience just more fun. I bet it would have been easy to find people as a healer too! Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • Kim Korte

    I play the Rogue and have tried every other class out at various times. I mained warrior and mage before my rogue but I must say that playing rogue is what keeps me playing the game. I get the same “natural” feeling with it.

    I’ve always been the “solo”-player, taking my own paths and decisions – both in real life and in games. I enjoy being around people, but I want the ability to “peel off” whenever I feel to. Personally I’m also very “optimized”-minded. I want to do alot of stuff fast and without interuptions. Rogue has always furfilled that request.

    Rogue players:
    *Stealthing through a whole cave to get to the end mob, kill it, loot it, vanish to get rid of aggro and stealth out*. There’s no such feeling as getting things done as fast as possible – because when you do, you make room to play more and achieve more 🙂

    After reading this post the reason for why I’ve been sticking to the rogue route suddenly made sense. For me, it’s somewhat obvious now that I think about it, but It just hadn’t come to mind.

    • Wow, thanks for leaving such a detailed and well thought out comment.
      I find it interesting how our favoured classes seem to match our demeanours somewhat. I like to be prepared and I feel the shaman has access to a really great toolbox of spells and abilities. It is also only a spec change away from Ranged, Melee or Healing so offers a really nice grouping and solo’ing choice.