Three Things I’m Looking Forward To When I Start Streaming Again

About two years ago I had what I consider to be a bit of success with live-streaming video games on Twitch and I really loved everything I was doing. Sadly that dirty real life got in the way of it all and it came to an abrupt halt. Fast forward to today and IRL finally is settling down and our new house is about to have lovely high speed fibre internet installed, so I am more than looking forward to getting back into some streaming. So here is my list of three things I am looking forward to when I start streaming:

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1. Interaction With The Viewers

The thing I loved most about Live streaming was the interaction I had with the viewers. Since I was never big I usually found myself with around 5 – 15 viewers each session, meaning I had a really nice personal experience with all of them. I loved answering questions in chat, and would even invite them join me in- game and just have a good time (It usually ended with them owning me in PvP). A lot of my viewers even helped me out with advice and made me a better gamer. I’m really hoping to rebuild that strong, interactive community which is willing help each other out and just have an all-around good time.

2. I Like Putting On A Show

When I am live streaming I try to act a bit like an entertainer and put on a show for the people watching. I like making other people laugh and have a good time. It’s like a party; if everyone else is having a good time, then I do, too. Thought maybe I just like to be the centre of attention but oh well, I am still looking forward to it again.

3. Watching “it” All Come Together

I put a fair bit of background work into setting up and running a live stream, so when it all does come together for me and my twitch channel goes live (with everything working) I feel a sense of achievement. It is made even better as people start to view the stream and stick around which makes it all worthwhile. Having everything working and looking nice with people watching just a really makes my day.

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There it is, my top 3 things I am looking forward to when I start streaming again next week. Keep an eye on my Twitch page tonight (Saturday GM+8) as I will be attending a LAN and will more than likely fire it up.

Do you love the most about making content? Let me know in the comments below.

This post has been written as a part of the Blaugust Initiative. Day two: nailed it!