Heroes Untapped ANZ Ep03 – Here we come!

Heroes Untapped Episode 3 is now available for your enjoyment.

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Grand Finals, Gamescon and more!

Loads of new announcements  for heroes happening while Gamescon is on! Podcast record in the middle of it all xD this week podcast we discuss the ACL Road to Blizzcon tournament results and get up to date with Dustin Browders twitter.

Topping it off is some awesome discussion on the Warrior role in Heroes of the Storm.

Join HappyRage, Kva, Robdobah and Disconcur as we discuss this and more on this week’s episode of Heroes Untapped.

Topics that were discussed in this episode include:

Inside the Nexus 

  • ACL ANZ Finals – Road to Blizzcon Results
  • After Tournament blues – Team disbanding
  • Monk leaked images on Reddit
  • Gamescon Announcements
  • Dustin Browders Tweets of the week



Game Discussion

  • Being a warrior in the nexus

What would you like to hear us discuss next week? Feedback is always appreciated.

Intro Music: Unshakeable by Celldeller
Outro Music: Turn It Up – Xilent Remix by Dodge & Fuski
Graphics: Neri