Heroes Untapped ANZ Ep04 – Keep Ahead

Heroes Untapped Episode 4 is now available for your enjoyment.

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Next patch has hit the PTR and it is massive!


This weeks episode we spend a lot of time talking about the new changes coming in next weeks content drop. So much is changing we have had to split the news and will be reporting some of it next week! We will also inform you of all the up coming tournaments of note int he ANZ scene (the ones we know about at least).

Join Flask, Morton and Disconcur as we discuss this and more on this week’s episode of Heroes Untapped.

Topics that were discussed in this episode include:

  • Live on PTR – Patch notes
    •  New Battleground
    • New Hero – Kharazim the Monk
    • Talent Changes
    • In Game UI
    • Game server Selection
  • Coming in the next content
    • New Rank structure
    • Re worked player reporting
    • Current Battleground updates
  • Future ANZ competitions and tournaments
  • ANZ Team Announcements
  • Gamescon leftovers

WebLinks of Note:

What would you like to hear us discuss next week? Feedback is always appreciated.

Intro Music: Unshakeable by Celldeller
Outro Music: Turn It Up – Xilent Remix by Dodge & Fuski
Graphics: Neri

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