Heroes Untapped ANZ Ep08

Heroes Untapped Episode 8 is now available for your enjoyment.

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In tonight’s show I was joined by FugsTV,  PentaUnleash and special Guest Shy from Team Immunity, who popped in mid way through the show to talk about the NA championships brackets.

We also discussed the following topics:

  • Introduction of the Silence Penalty —  http://goo.gl/6BxS3s
  • Party size changes to the Hero league —  http://goo.gl/PTBHTH
  • Might of NZ tournament results — http://goo.gl/ytMQGH
  • Rexxar has entered the Nexus — https://goo.gl/CflG4v
  • September x5 Monthly Brawl — http://goo.gl/1B9Nk3
  • Weekly League coming to ANZ — http://goo.gl/XwmuBA
  • NA Championship Brackets now live — http://goo.gl/hclnsc
  • Tips and Tricks for new and old players courtesy of PentaUnleash — https://goo.gl/4gGxeB

What would you like to hear us discuss next week? Feedback is always appreciated.

Intro Music: Unshakeable by Celldeller
Graphics: BattlePanda and Neri

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