Heroes Untapped LFM Co-hosts!   

Hi Everyone!

It has been an awesome ride with the weekly creation and running of Heroes Untapped. I have been enjoying greatly and am looking forward to creating 100’s more episodes to come.

However based off viewer feedback and my own thoughts, I have decided to change the “panel” selection each week and have three permanent hosts/panel members with one special guest each week. It still keeps the show at four people (most of the time) but allows for more consistency within the show.

So with that said I am now announcing that I am looking for two co-hosts to come on the show with me each week and become a permanent part of Heroes Untapped!

I am looking for the following traits in potential co-hosts:-

  • Has a good quality mic, webcam and willing to have your image streamed.
  • Can commit to at least 3 hours of your time per week (includes show and writing)
  • Is available for live recording 8PM AEST for every Wednesday
  • Is well spoken
  • Passionate about Heroes of the Storm
  • Plays in the ANZ region
  • You understand that this is an unpaid role

Feel like this could be for you? Email me at Disconcur@gmail.com, include some information about yourself and why you want to be a part of Heroes Untapped.