Heroes Untapped Ep13

Heroes Untapped Episode 13 is now available for your enjoyment!

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On Heroes Untapped @Disconcur is joined by new hosts @BlueAura and Fniatch as well as Guest @Kruvin from Apex  to discuss the progress of the weekly ANZ League, Look at the two prize pool events coming up, the newly announced Pro ANZ  Pickup league and a look at the recent content drop and talk about what has really changed for the game.

Links of note:

Weekly League Page
Weekly Ladder
ANZ Showdown Tournament 
Oct 6 HOTS patch notes


Graphics: Battlepanda and Neri
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  • Dean

    I listen to the podcast regularly and someone in this cast was always typing on their keyboard and their mic sensitivity was soo high that it sounded like he was pounding oh his desk. The mic picked it up as vibration on the desk like pounding and it took away from an otherwise great podcast. Could this be fixed or stopped as it was very irratating as very clearly hear the pounding over the guys talking. How no one said anything i dont know seemed very un professional. As I stopped listening as it was overpowering the convo at times. Constant pounding the mic picked up on the desk was very very annoying and detracted from the cast.

    • I have to apologise as that is most likely my end, poor recording space / setup. I don’t get a lot of feedback to be honest. I’ll see if next ep I can do something to minimise the sound my end.

      Thank you for bringing thus up. Will work towards improving.