My Experience Shoutcasting the ANZ Showdown

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be asked to host and cast the ANZ Showdown, one of the first cash prize events for the Australian and New Zealand Heroes of the Storm scene outside of the WCS  North America Championships.

Now let me just say wow! I don’t think when the day started any of us knew just how well the event was going to turn out!

Recently the community has really started getting behind these grassroots events and we are starting to see a really strong viewership turn up to watch the games.

This weekend I was taken back by the huge 200+ people we had watching the stream! Not only this but we also have members of the community providing viewer prizes and also donating to the prize pool of the event itself.

There was something like 4 hero/skin variations  and 4 Golden Tiger mounts given away during the event, and we also saw the original $350 prize pool swell to $1,111.11. Just incredible.

There was one thing which really filled me with pride and it was the way the Twitch Chat handled itself.  About %99 of the time the chat was amazing, filled with positive discussion and lively banter and very little toxicity that chat can be notorious for.  One viewer even commented saying that this is the best chat they have eve been in.

I just love that the ANZ event–our event!– is growing in this direction. I really hope it stays like that but we will see how the bigger number and viewers affect it in the future.

Speaking  of banter and toxicity though, there was one team in the event who had given themselves a name that pushed the boundaries of taste, and I believe it did upset some of the viewers.  My co-host, Starving, and I felt we handled the name well and slightly changed it so that it wasn’t quite so in your face.

I feel the ANZ scene organisers may need to look a team names in the future and try to scratch out names which cause offence or disrupts people enjoyment.

I have been working long and hard to improve my overall casting skills, and last week I spent a lot of time practising to speak clearly,  concisely and to OPEN my mouth. I can’t believe how just constantly  thinking “open mouth wider when speaking” has helped with this. However, it seems to have come at a price, and my pacing of the action has died off.  More work I guess in this department xD

(Side note I was luckily enough to speak to Babeal about pacing a few weeks ago on my podcast. Going to go back to that one and watch it again.)

Another thing I have done differently during this event was to put in some real hard research into the teams and players, like cross referencing players and teams and really looking at if a team was new or is veteran, etc. (Picked this idea up from one of my Fav presenters of all time, Redeye! Love his work) .

I felt really confident talking about teams, but this lead me into a bit of a trap and I started predicting the brackets way ahead of time. That didn’t seem to go down too well with viewers and teams.

Knowing that it’s something I can improve on is nice, though. Maybe I need to tone down this kind of talk or look at weaving a different story for the audience. Anyway lesson learned, won’t do again! …or at lest not for Event.. Maybe it is alright to still talk about it on  Heroes Untapped…

That is about it, I can’t really say to much as everything else was just awesome!  Quick thank you to Morton for letting me cast this event and another thank you to my Co-Host Starving. Without them there wouldn’t of been an event do or nor would I have had someone to share the casting workload with.  Thank,s guys!

Oh  and thanks to the community. You guys are alright, too 🙂