GUC TEKKEN 7 Tournament 19th August

I am happy to announce the partnership between the Geraldton Universities Centre (GUC) and Disconcur’s APM Casual Gaming Geraldton group to run a TEKKEN 7 Tournament during the GUC Open Day on the 19th of August.

The Tournament will feature 4 players from the Geraldton / Western Australian as determined by the APM casuals TEKKEN 7 league and the Open Qualifier. The 4 players will be competing for $200 awarded for who ever places first on the day.

There are two ways to enter the tournament:

Finish as one of the top two point earners  in the Geraldton Tekken 7 Casual league

Finish as one of the top 2 in the Open GUC Quail fer TEKKEN 7

Entry to watch the tournament is completely free and spectators are welcome to attend and cheer on their favorite competitors. The Matches will also be streamed live to

Tournament Rules – GUC Tournament 
Platform – PC
Double Elimination Bracket
Seeding Randomised
Each Bracket Round is a First to 3 rounds – Best of 5 match.
Losers may change characters between matches in a set.
All Characters are available to play.

Players are welcome and encouraged to bring their own controllers, must be compatible with PC. Stand controller for use will be Xbox 360 controller (at the moment).

First Place: $200

f you have any questions about the event, rule set or anything please contact Disconcur on  Or via Mobile 0457 525 611.