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Patch Day Priorities

Earlier today, while listening to The Breakfast Show with Matt and Alex on Triple J, I was lucky enough to catch them chatting with caller “Josh” from Port Macquarie.

When asked if he would be attending their ‘Hump and Grind’ event, Josh shocked them with an unexpected response — one that any World of Warcraft player past and present will definitely get a laugh out of!

You can listen to the interview by using the media player below.



The Hardest In-Game Puzzle I Have Ever Encountered

During my many trials and tribulations in my gaming life I would consider only one puzzle to have ever truly defeated me in a game. In fact, I was beaten so much by this puzzle I had to read a guide to get past it in order to continue the game. The game I credit for delivering me the hardest puzzle I have ever faced was the adventure game titled, Grim Fandango.

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Three Things I’m Looking Forward To When I Start Streaming Again

About two years ago I had what I consider to be a bit of success with live-streaming video games on Twitch and I really loved everything I was doing. Sadly that dirty real life got in the way of it all and it came to an abrupt halt. Fast forward to today and IRL finally is settling down and our new house is about to have lovely high speed fibre internet installed, so I am more than looking forward to getting back into some streaming. So here is my list of three things I am looking forward to when I start streaming:

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Return of the Shaman

I have been doing a lot of game touring as of late as I looked for something to tie me over until the release of Warlords of Draenor. Even then between my tour dates I have been experimenting with other classes in WoW to decide what I was going to play (or boost to 90). I have had a lot of fun during this time and enjoyed everything I tried but none of them felt like the one. No new game or WoW class really captured my attention long enough for me to commit to it.

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#Blaugust – 31 Days of August Posting

Writing to schedule is definitely not my strong point, as those who follow me and check back regularly might have guessed. Writing may not be something that I’m very good at, but I definitely have a lot of topics and ideas about games that I’d like to talk about. My current issue boils down to posting just isn’t in my soul yet; I am still developing as a writer and as such I am not confident in it. Only doing the writing is going to fix this but I just need something to push me or get me over the internal hurdles I have created for myself. I think I’ve found just the thing —  the Blaugust Initiative.

My lovely wife, Neri, pointed me in the direction of this initiative. The idea being the Blaugust is that you write a post every day during the month of August — that’s 31 posts over the entire month. There are some incentives like prizes and and being able to advertise your posts to a wider audience, but it is still going to be a killer, I was trying to write 2 posts a week and now I will be writing a new post every day! So I thought about it and only now, just over 2 hours before the challenge starts I have decided to attempt it. It will be hard 31 days but I think It will be an enjoyable challenge and really get me into that writing spirit for future endeavours.

So there you have it, I have announced it to world. Now there is a whole bank of people to hold me accountable to my decision. Bring on August, I am somewhat kind of almost ready….

I really encourage any you guys with a gaming blog to check out the Blaugust Initiative and even take up the Challenge yourself. There is even a catch up category so don’t stress about taking it up late.

Heroes of the Storm – HOTS Acronym

Jus occurred to me that Blizzard new game – Heroes of the Storm will have the same acronym as StarCraft2 Heart of the Swarm. Sure it is only the sub-title of StarCraft2 but it is still kind of interesting to note.

Wonder if anyone at Blizzard got a kick out of the idea, since Hero’s of the Storm is built off the Starcraft 2 engine (more or less). I know I’m a sucker for trying to do this kind of stuff.

Well I think this is interesting anyway……



PC has a temp fix… yey!

Yey! my PC is fixed… Kind of anyway….  Turns out my motherboard decided to  completely die on me (just out of warranty too, rather well timed) and thankfully I have a friend who was good enough to lend me a spare CPU, Motherboard and RAM while I wait for a replacement one. Huge thanks Xwolf.



What a turn of luck….Bad luck…


I can not believe my luck. I have been getting ready to try and start making youtube videos and writing blog posts again and then boom. My PC breaks on me…. Oh man, what a bad turn of luck…..

I was hoping to post some Starcraft 2 stuff and maybe have a youtube video to go along but I’m guessing that will have to wait. Something way more exciting next time I post, promise….

See ya later. 


Welcome To The Dumping Ground

Hi there, I’m Disconcur and welcome to my gaming blog.

This blog is intended to be a dumping grounds for my thoughts on things gaming related( Electronic & table top war gaming). I am also planning to make youtube videos now and then. I also dabble in a bit of video game streaming via as well (, so please drop by and check that out.

However we shall see what this blog develops into. Hope you find something that at least gives you a chuckle while you are here.  Leave many comments!