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Marvel Heroes: Lunar Festival Reward Tally

Until February the 14th Marvel Heroes will be celebrating the Lunar New Year by rewarding plays who log every 24 hours with a Red Envelope. This little envelope, when opened, could reveal some really cool items like eight Eternity Splinters, or some really lame items like a Lunar lantern — AKA 888 credits worth of vendor trash.

So with the fun and all of the Lunar Festival I felt that would be interesting to keep track of my rewards. Will the Marvel Gods bestow riches and fame upon me, or will I be feel the beat down of misfortune?

I will update this post daily with a screenshot of my rewards. Hit the jump to see the rewards: Continue reading Marvel Heroes: Lunar Festival Reward Tally

Marvel Heroes: Is It Really Free To Play?

The amount of  free-to-play (Referred to as F2P from here on in) games available is exploding at the moment and when I look at my current list of games which I consider myself to be actively playing, I noticed that four of them are in fact F2P games. This has me wondering is how ‘free’ to play are these games really? I realise these games are designed to make a profit for the company, but have they taken that F2P model too far? Would I have been better off actually paying for a full game?

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