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Patch Day Priorities

Earlier today, while listening to The Breakfast Show with Matt and Alex on Triple J, I was lucky enough to catch them chatting with caller “Josh” from Port Macquarie.

When asked if he would be attending their ‘Hump and Grind’ event, Josh shocked them with an unexpected response — one that any World of Warcraft player past and present will definitely get a laugh out of!

You can listen to the interview by using the media player below.



Return of the Shaman

I have been doing a lot of game touring as of late as I looked for something to tie me over until the release of Warlords of Draenor. Even then between my tour dates I have been experimenting with other classes in WoW to decide what I was going to play (or boost to 90). I have had a lot of fun during this time and enjoyed everything I tried but none of them felt like the one. No new game or WoW class really captured my attention long enough for me to commit to it.

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Three Reasons Why I Keep Coming Back To WoW

World of Warcraft is one of those games I have been playing since what seems like forever. I have stopped more world disasters then I can count, laid waste to almost all of the end game villans while the content was current and have had to replace my end-game epics with blues and greens on more than one occasion. I am there at the start of expansion after expansion, eager to see what the next chapter of WoW has to offer. So what is it about World of Warcraft that has me continually returning, even after almost a decade of playing? Continue reading Three Reasons Why I Keep Coming Back To WoW