Geraldton Tekken 7 Casual Tournament Series

APM Gaming Geraldton has started up a grassroots events tournament series called the Geraldton Tekken 7 Open Casual Tournament.  The series is a set of open tournaments where players compete to earn points. At the end of the Open Casuals the top 2 points earning players will compete as apart of the GUC Open Day Tournament to determine who the best player in Geraldton is and to be immortalized forever in history!

All games are played off-line at the APM Casuals Gaming events held at the Geraldton Multi-Purpose Centre, WA. Registration for the tournaments happen at the event. The tournaments are free to enter but there is a cost of $10 required for attending the APM Casual gaming sessions.

Current APM Casual Gaming sessions running Tekken 7 Tournaments:

Tekken Open Casual #1 Bracket : 3rd of June / Completed – First Place: Tyler 
Tekken Open Casual #2 Bracket : 18th of June / Completed – First Place: Will 
Tekken 7 Open Casual #3 Bracket : 15th of July / Completed – First Will
Tekken 7 Open Casual #4 : 29th of July
Current Leaderboard

Tournament Rules – Opens
Platform – PC
Double Elimination Bracket
Seeding Randomised
Each Bracket Round is a First to 3 wins – Best of 3 match.
Players may change characters between matches.
All Characters are available to play.

Players are welcome and encouraged to bring their own controllers, must be compatible with PC. Stand controller for use will be Xbox 360 controller (at the moment).

First Place: $20 STEAM Wallet voucher + First SEED into the GUC Tekken 7 TOURNAMENT
Second Place : 2nd SEED into the GUC TEKKEN 7 TOURNAMENT

If you have any questions about the event, rule set or anything please contact Disconcur on  Or via Mobile 0457 525 611.