Heroes of the Storm – HOTS Acronym

Jus occurred to me that Blizzard new game – Heroes of the Storm will have the same acronym as StarCraft2 Heart of the Swarm. Sure it is only the sub-title of StarCraft2 but it is still kind of interesting to note.

Wonder if anyone at Blizzard got a kick out of the idea, since Hero’s of the Storm is built off the Starcraft 2 engine (more or less). I know I’m a sucker for trying to do this kind of stuff.

Well I think this is interesting anyway……



PC has a temp fix… yey!

Yey! my PC is fixed… Kind of anyway….  Turns out my motherboard decided to  completely die on me (just out of warranty too, rather well timed) and thankfully I have a friend who was good enough to lend me a spare CPU, Motherboard and RAM while I wait for a replacement one. Huge thanks Xwolf.



What a turn of luck….Bad luck…


I can not believe my luck. I have been getting ready to try and start making youtube videos and writing blog posts again and then boom. My PC breaks on me…. Oh man, what a bad turn of luck…..

I was hoping to post some Starcraft 2 stuff and maybe have a youtube video to go along but I’m guessing that will have to wait. Something way more exciting next time I post, promise….

See ya later. 


Hmm, Maybe I Should Paint It Or Something?

It doesn’t come to me as a surprise that I have a lot of war gaming stuff. With all the Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy and Warmachine I have been collecting through the years. Though I just didn’t realise how much a lot was until I started packing it up the other day getting ready for my impending relocation. Besides the 4 video game boxes (and yer they are CE of WOW… I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing atm xD) all of those boxes are filled with something table top war gaming related: everything from models and gaming accessories right through to paints and brushes. Whoa there is a lot of stuff there which is mostly untouched!

Barely any of the models I have brought are assembled yet alone painted which is slightly depressing. My one little slight reprieve is that 90% of all this is 2nd hand bought or traded with different people, hardly any were purchased at full price. Though in saying that, all the time spent acquiring these items I could have spent painting the stuff I already had and maybe even playing some games. So after taking all of this in, I have decided to kick myself into gear and get back in the hobby and not just be a poorly run re-stockist of the hobby.

Now the question is, where do I start?



The Almost Dreaded Fate of My Hearthstone Beta Invite

She nearly got away with it, she nearly did.

My loving Druid wife, Neri, was introducing me to some of the recent (old) changes Gmail has made to their user interface. It was at this moment, Neri using her super sense of sight noticed 300+ emails sitting in the promotional tab waiting to be sorted through. Taking it upon herself to rid the world of such evil, she selected the “check all” items box and slammed the delete button with the force of a small baby bear.  The world would sleep at peace tonight knowing the daemon of promotional e-mails was slain.

However in all this excitement she failed to notice the one sinless email, the email who’s only fault and reason for being was to be loved. This little email was my Beta invite to Hearthstone.

The End.. for now…


Model Spot: My Home Made Plague Marine

I have started building myself some Plague Marines to use in my Alpha Legion Chaos Army. They are a fairly solid support chose made even better if you equip your Chaos Lord with the Mark of Nurgle making them a troop / Scoring unit. A unit of Plague Marines on an objective isn’t easily removed.

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Ghostwolf To Frostwolves

There have been some huge changes for my little Elemental Shaman. No longer do I sport the well fitting Turtle of doom tabard, I am now a pack member of the Frostwolves. Not only have my threads changed in colour and pattern, but now my earthly powers are more of a blessed nature. I am now a Holy Paladin of the Blood Elves! However there is still more, I have also switched servers! 3 big changes all at once, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I am a little scared for what the future might hold for me.

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