Alpha Legion Encounter A Daemon, A Lot Of Daemons

The warp-spawned gauntlet of damnation was thrown down on the gaming table last weekend¬† when I was challenged to a 1500 point game of 40k (“You got one week to prepare buddy!”). Without a sense ofhesitation (and perhaps the kicking in of the Champion of Chaos rule) I accepted the challenge. My Chaos Space Marines vs Chaos Daemons, The new edition codex. It also turned out to be the local gaming club first clash of 6th edition codex armies, in turn making this game just a little bit more exciting.

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Welcome To The Dumping Ground

Hi there, I’m Disconcur and welcome to my gaming blog.

This blog is intended to be a dumping grounds for my thoughts on things gaming related( Electronic & table top war gaming). I am also planning to make youtube videos now and then. I also dabble in a bit of video game streaming via as well (, so please drop by and check that out.

However we shall see what this blog develops into. Hope you find something that at least gives you a chuckle while you are here.  Leave many comments!

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