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Heroes Untapped ep23


The first open qualifier is finished, with Negative Synergy and Fresh claiming the first seeds into the ANZ championship. Come chat with Disconcur as he discusses the weekend with members from Negative Synergy and Fresh along with caster of the event Happyrage. Also of note on the show is a short discussion with Li-Ming, the new hero and also the changes in the new content patch.

As always you can watch Heroes Untapped live every Wednesday at 9PM AEDT on twitch.tv/disconcur.

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Links of Note:

ANZ Heroes.com

Open Qualifier #02 – Season 1

Summer Showdown event

Li-Ming hero release

New Patch details – FEB 2nd, 2016

Li-Ming has hit the nexus, what are your thoughts on this new hero? Leave a comment below.


Heroes Untapped EP 22

PTR notes, Meta changing balance changes, New Heroes announced, amazing skins and a regional qualifiers just a few days away.

This weeks of episode of Heroes Untapped discusses a lot about the state and future state of the Heroes games along with a focus on the ANZ region. Also this weeks all the guests are live from Kruvin’s House!

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Join Blueaura, Kruvin, AginstTime, Demise000 and Tooka on a massive show filled with top advice, good ideas and great entertainment.

Links of Note:

Balance Changes

New Heroes – Wizard and Nerco

Current PTR patch notes

ANZ Heroes TV – Qualifier matches Season 1 Stream link

list of teams competing this weekend

What do you think about the balance changes recently released? Leave a comment down below.


Heroes Untapped EP 21

Heroes Untapped is back for another year! and Episode 21 is now available for download and consumption.

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Join BlueAura, Guest Happyrage and myself as we talk about the Season 1 championships, The new hero Greymane, Match Making changes and a bunch  of other topics in this weeks show.

Links of Note:


Blizzard Season 1 Championships Sign Up

Update: Big balance patch was dropped hours after this show was recorded. Some information is a bit out of date xD

Heroes Untapped Ep18

Heroes Untapped ep18 is now available for watching.

Join @Fniatch and @Disconcur this week on the show as they bring you the information on the final ANZ events for 2015. Also on the show is a discussion on the new map Towers of Doom, a little look at the up and coming teams and a short interview with guest @NZedamine about the coming Australasian Player League set to drop in 2016.

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Heroes Untapped Ep17

Hi Everyone!

I have been pretty sick this week and am still recovering even now (just a stupid overpowered cold… Hurry up and nerf colds Blizzard =P ) however I still managed to record the show and get it out to every, though a bit late. Any Heroes Untapped is now available!

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Disco’s vlog #02 – K/D/A score screen

Hi Everyone,

Ok so it has been a while but I finally got around to making another Vlog. This time I just wanted to talk about my opinion on the new K/D/A score screen coming to Heroes of the Storm.  You can learn more about my thoughts in the video but basically I like the stat and feel that it isn’t going to breed any more toxicity… Quote i Said breed more, I still think people will be assholes but the count itself won’t increase.

What do you feel about the new K/D/A score screen coming to Heroes? let me know in the comments below.

Heroes Untapped Ep16

Hi Everyone,

While the ANZ scene might have slowed down the Post-Blizzcon hype train is high and plentiful! This week hosts @Disconcur@BlueAura and Fniatch go through and look at most of the announcements made at Blizzcon on the weekend and discuss how good or bad they are for the ANZ region.  Also joining the panel on the show is @Happyrage  to talk about his KINGS OF ANZ event and also competitive player Benjamin94.

What was your favorite bit of news coming out of Blizzcon? Let me know in the comments below.

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Graphics: Battlepanda and Neri
Intro Music: Spiedkiks – Take Off Your Make Up
Outro Music: Six Umbrellas – Zombie Disco
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Heroes Untapped Ep15

OMG it is Heroes Untapped Episode 15! Now available for your enjoyment!

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The ANZ scene has died down a little this week and as such the news and events are a little scarce however  hosts @Disconcur@BlueAura and Fniatch have cooked up a show where we discuss the WCS rounds at Blizzcon, Blizzcon itself, looked at the state of the ANZ teams and also talked about what Overwatch beta got that Heroes Didn’t.

Links of note:
WCS brackets
Legacy of the Void Compition


Graphics: Battlepanda and Neri
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Heroes Untapped Ep14

Heroes Untapped Episode 14 is now available for your enjoyment!

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Heroes Untapped brings you the latest news and events about the Australia and New Zealand region for Heroes of the Storm. In this week’s episode join Hosts Disconcur, BlueAura, Fniatch along with guests Robadobah and Grumpshot as we discuss the great success of the ANZ Showdown, changes coming to the ANZ APL, Patch changes, the introduction of the new warrior Artanis to the hero line-up and other news and events! Continue reading Heroes Untapped Ep14