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Four MMO’s I Wish I Had More Time To Play

In between trying to balance my time between work, family, my new found love of sport, as well as games like WildStar and World of Warcraft, I’ve found that there are titles out there that I would love to play, but ultimately have been dropped from my actively playing list. Here are the top four MMO’s I almost play, but don’t have the time for:  Continue reading Four MMO’s I Wish I Had More Time To Play

Marvel Heroes: Lunar Festival Reward Tally

Until February the 14th Marvel Heroes will be celebrating the Lunar New Year by rewarding plays who log every 24 hours with a Red Envelope. This little envelope, when opened, could reveal some really cool items like eight Eternity Splinters, or some really lame items like a Lunar lantern — AKA 888 credits worth of vendor trash.

So with the fun and all of the Lunar Festival I felt that would be interesting to keep track of my rewards. Will the Marvel Gods bestow riches and fame upon me, or will I be feel the beat down of misfortune?

I will update this post daily with a screenshot of my rewards. Hit the jump to see the rewards: Continue reading Marvel Heroes: Lunar Festival Reward Tally

Marvel Heroes: Is It Really Free To Play?

The amount of  free-to-play (Referred to as F2P from here on in) games available is exploding at the moment and when I look at my current list of games which I consider myself to be actively playing, I noticed that four of them are in fact F2P games. This has me wondering is how ‘free’ to play are these games really? I realise these games are designed to make a profit for the company, but have they taken that F2P model too far? Would I have been better off actually paying for a full game?

Continue reading Marvel Heroes: Is It Really Free To Play?