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Heroes Untapped EP 21

Heroes Untapped is back for another year! and Episode 21 is now available for download and consumption.

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Join BlueAura, Guest Happyrage and myself as we talk about the Season 1 championships, The new hero Greymane, Match Making changes and a bunch  of other topics in this weeks show.

Links of Note:


Blizzard Season 1 Championships Sign Up

Update: Big balance patch was dropped hours after this show was recorded. Some information is a bit out of date xD

KABOOM, Baby! Mid Week Silver League Ascension

HA! So my catch up this week in SC2 has been overly awesome! After losing all of last week due to the patch and then the Australia Day long weekend (I was out partying instead of laddering) I thought It would be another boring week of sucking. However, lo and behold, it has turned into a mid-week explosion of excitement! I have shifted into the Silver League… and omg Protoss are even worst to play against now.

My awesome SCV and Drone picture from last weeks’ post might have been better held off for this one… Maybe a Viper about to be hit by missiles will suffice.


Still Climbing the Bronze Ladder

I was hoping I would be able to write an extremely cool post about moving up the ladder and leaving the Bronze league for Silver but it never quite happened (So much for my cinematic posts of awesomeness each week). I even felt I might have had a chance because I actuality got to face off against a few actual silver leaguers. These matches however quickly demonstrated to me the difference between the both leagues and I was destroyed.
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