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KABOOM, Baby! Mid Week Silver League Ascension

HA! So my catch up this week in SC2 has been overly awesome! After losing all of last week due to the patch and then the Australia Day long weekend (I was out partying instead of laddering) I thought It would be another boring week of sucking. However, lo and behold, it has turned into a mid-week explosion of excitement! I have shifted into the Silver League… and omg Protoss are even worst to play against now.

My awesome SCV and Drone picture from last weeks’ post might have been better held off for this one… Maybe a Viper about to be hit by missiles will suffice.


Game client version mismatch with selected region

The release of a new patch is meant to be a wonderful occasion, filled with joy and excitement. What I am faced with is my inability to play the only “paid” part of SC2 now, My regions ladder games. My Game Client saw it fit to update my SC2 to the latest version, which isn’t normally a bad thing but with all their wisdom Blizzard decided that this patch would be slowly released over 4 days to all the regions. This has left me with an up to date but locked out of the SEA region because the SEA region patch rollout isn’t until Thursday, Jan 23. Since I am in Australia this means it will be Thursday night when the patch will roll out.

This is stupid Blizzard, how can a company as large as you, who pay people to organise this stuff, screw it up? This is something which could of been easily looked at and addressed by releasing all the patches at once or combining the SEA and Americas release. I find it hard to get in some good game time with SC2 as it is (Due to life commitments and my family) but now I have lost 3 days of ladder play. It doesn’t sound like much and I might suck and be in Bronze, but that doesn’t mean this sort of stuff is acceptable. Unforseen consequences sure, but this is just a mistake on someone’s great plan.

Have you ever been screwed over by a game? Mine is little and I will be over it soon enough, but do you still hold a grudge regardless?

Still Climbing the Bronze Ladder

I was hoping I would be able to write an extremely cool post about moving up the ladder and leaving the Bronze league for Silver but it never quite happened (So much for my cinematic posts of awesomeness each week). I even felt I might have had a chance because I actuality got to face off against a few actual silver leaguers. These matches however quickly demonstrated to me the difference between the both leagues and I was destroyed.
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