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KABOOM, Baby! Mid Week Silver League Ascension

HA! So my catch up this week in SC2 has been overly awesome! After losing all of last week due to the patch and then the Australia Day long weekend (I was out partying instead of laddering) I thought It would be another boring week of sucking. However, lo and behold, it has turned into a mid-week explosion of excitement! I have shifted into the Silver League… and omg Protoss are even worst to play against now.

My awesome SCV and Drone picture from last weeks’ post might have been better held off for this one… Maybe a Viper about to be hit by missiles will suffice.


Still Climbing the Bronze Ladder

I was hoping I would be able to write an extremely cool post about moving up the ladder and leaving the Bronze league for Silver but it never quite happened (So much for my cinematic posts of awesomeness each week). I even felt I might have had a chance because I actuality got to face off against a few actual silver leaguers. These matches however quickly demonstrated to me the difference between the both leagues and I was destroyed.
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My Journey Up The Starcraft 2 Ladder

Every journey starts with a single step, or in this case a single league placement game, but as usual I have been placed into Bronze with the rest of the retar….. future bright shining stars. This shouldn’t be a surprise through, I might have had the game for years but I can’t say I have ever really sat down and “learned” how to actually play or looked at trying to be competitive.

However last year I was enthralled (more then usual) during the Starcraft2 Tournament series held at Blizzcon and it just got me so excited for the game. To add to my excitement, a local group called E-tek will be holding a small Starcraft 2 tournament after their eight team League of Legends tournament was such a success last year (Good job, guys!). All of this has got me really eager to get competitive and learn the metagame of Starcraft 2.

So with a twinkle in my eye and a strange amount of misplaced confidence I fired up the game in time and joined the first Season of 2014 (SEA Region). I played 10 games this evening, with a win loss ratio of 6 to 4. I feel it was a good start, considering I’m still learning a lot of aspects about the game and I feel that coming in within the top 25 on the ladder was a good entry point… even if it will all have changed when I log in next!

I’m not going to go in any deep thoughts or explanations of the games I have won or lost  this evening because it’s getting quite late and I need my beauty sleep. Don’t despair though! Anyone who is interested in watching the matches can download the SC2 replays from my Dropbox. Please don’t hold back if you know why I sucked in any of my replays. I understand that I have a long way to go to reach my goals and that constructive criticism is a great tool for improving performance.

I have a goal of reaching Gold League by the end of the first season of 2014. Not unreasonable at all is it….. is it???

Next time, I’ll actually talk about my Starcraft 2 games in a post about Starcraft 2! Stay tuned…

Some Journey information

  • Race of Choice : Terran
  • SEA Region – Bronze League – Raszagal Dixie Division
  • Starcraft2 Replays (.SC2Replay Files)
  • Starcraft2 Group: Join the Gravity Gaming Online community (another one of my 2014 Projects I am working). Currently a small online community I am trying to grow.