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Heroes Untapped EP 21

Heroes Untapped is back for another year! and Episode 21 is now available for download and consumption.

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Join BlueAura, Guest Happyrage and myself as we talk about the Season 1 championships, The new hero Greymane, Match Making changes and a bunch  of other topics in this weeks show.

Links of Note:


Blizzard Season 1 Championships Sign Up

Update: Big balance patch was dropped hours after this show was recorded. Some information is a bit out of date xD

Heroes Untapped Ep15

OMG it is Heroes Untapped Episode 15! Now available for your enjoyment!

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The ANZ scene has died down a little this week and as such the news and events are a little scarce however  hosts @Disconcur@BlueAura and Fniatch have cooked up a show where we discuss the WCS rounds at Blizzcon, Blizzcon itself, looked at the state of the ANZ teams and also talked about what Overwatch beta got that Heroes Didn’t.

Links of note:
WCS brackets
Legacy of the Void Compition


Graphics: Battlepanda and Neri
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Heroes Untapped Ep14

Heroes Untapped Episode 14 is now available for your enjoyment!

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Heroes Untapped brings you the latest news and events about the Australia and New Zealand region for Heroes of the Storm. In this week’s episode join Hosts Disconcur, BlueAura, Fniatch along with guests Robadobah and Grumpshot as we discuss the great success of the ANZ Showdown, changes coming to the ANZ APL, Patch changes, the introduction of the new warrior Artanis to the hero line-up and other news and events! Continue reading Heroes Untapped Ep14

Heroes Untapped ANZ Ep10

Heroes Untapped Episode 10 is now available for your enjoyment.

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The Heroes of the Storm podcast tailored to the Australian and New Zealand scene had two very special guests this week. Babael and Shy from Team Immunity are back from the Americas Championship and keen to talk about the experience with Disconcur, BlueAura and Kruvin.

We also discussed the following topics:

Section 1 : News Items

  • Monthly Brawl – September Results
  • ANZ Showdown team tournament
  • Weekly League
  • Introducing Community Website for Heroes of the storm

Section 2: Discussion Topic

  • Getting into Shout Casting – Mini interview with Babael about  Shout Casting

What would you like to hear us discuss next week? Feedback is always appreciated.

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Global Finals for Starcraft 2 Opening Day

The opening day of the #WCS Global finals for #SC2 has come to an end. Man there was some awesome games played today. To witness Jaedong, Zest and so0 get knocked out was totally surprising. These little upsets leave us with some exciting brackets for Terran players out there. No matter the out comes of the Quarter Finals we will have two Terran players moving to the Semi-Finals. How awesome would a TvT Final be!
interested in the brackets? http://wcs.battle.net/sc2/en/brackets
Interested in any replays? http://t.co/QDkMYB4vPu

I am secretly hoping for a Bomber vs Taeja Final.

 Who are you hoping make it to the finals in the #WCS? Leave a comment!