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Patch Day Priorities

Earlier today, while listening to The Breakfast Show with Matt and Alex on Triple J, I was lucky enough to catch them chatting with caller “Josh” from Port Macquarie.

When asked if he would be attending their ‘Hump and Grind’ event, Josh shocked them with an unexpected response — one that any World of Warcraft player past and present will definitely get a laugh out of!

You can listen to the interview by using the media player below.



Ghostwolf To Frostwolves

There have been some huge changes for my little Elemental Shaman. No longer do I sport the well fitting Turtle of doom tabard, I am now a pack member of the Frostwolves. Not only have my threads changed in colour and pattern, but now my earthly powers are more of a blessed nature. I am now a Holy Paladin of the Blood Elves! However there is still more, I have also switched servers! 3 big changes all at once, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I am a little scared for what the future might hold for me.

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